Showroom 2


Vera Vladimirsky

Sivan Elirazi

Evytar Hershtik

Karine Shabtai

Dror Varshavski

Einav Segal

Michal Keren

Guy Tzaraf

Shani Alon

Noam Chuganovsky

Carmi Dror


Curator: Etty Schwartz

פתיחה 21/4/15 12:00 opening
סגירה 16/5/15 14:00 closing

עינגע | Inga

The print house winers 2014

The exhibition gather chosen works from 11 young artist who graduated Photography studies in 2014.
This seemingly a random collection exhibition which captures different and diverse views. However, despite the significant differences between the artist, most of the works are based on the pure, direct photography which tend to reflect reality and gives the ability to access this reality

Vera Vladimirsky,

The last apartment / Where are you from originally? 

pigmant ink inject,92*70cm

Michal Keren,


pigmant ink inject 33*24 cm 

Eviatar Hershtik,



Noam Shoganovski,

Double reaction,2012

pigmant ink inject,97*65cm

Guy Tsaraf,

Prayer Book, 2014

pigmant ink inject,110*280 cm

Karine Shabtai,

Untitled, 2015

pigmant ink inject,73*91cm

Carmi Dror,

Shark pool, the underwater observatory-Eilat, 2013

pigmant ink inject, 73*110cm

Dror Varshavsky,

41 shells, 2014,

lambda print, 229*475cm


Einav Segal,

Pit, 2013

pigmant ink inject,45*65cm

Shani Alon,

Untitled, 2014

pigmant ink inject,64*76cm