LA's Fine ( The Sun Shines Most Of The Time)

ali silverstein

פתיחה 5/2/15 20:00 opening
סגירה 11/4/15 14:00 closing

עינגע | Inga

Inga Gallery is pleased to introduce new works of Ali Silverstein.  For her inaugural show at the gallery, Silverstein will present recent work from her new studio in Los Angeles.

These “scapes” -- large-scale constructions of painted and layered canvas attached with thread or glue – are named after streets in LA.  But none  represent physical “reality”  -- none depict a particular place or street -- but rather each work, and more broadly, the new collection, are abstractions – crystallized echoes -- of a drive through the city.

Moving through the city by car means to be forced to cope with an overwhelming multiplicity of layered snapshots.  These works are made of the afterburn, in the eye or in the mind, of these senses and impressions.  Fragments and fugues of scallops and fringe, pieces of mountain range and architectural curve, repeat throughout the works, a lexicon of forms abstracted and recontextualized not as mere landscape, but as inner-scape, or culture-scape – where the inner meets the outer.

installation view

installation view

installation view


glued canvas and acrylic on canvas,213*266cm

installation view


glued canvas and acrylic on canvas,230*170cm


glued canvas and acrylic paint on canvas,210*282cm


glued canvas and acrylic paint on canvas,200*263cm